[4] On CloudSQL proxy and Kubernetes sidecars...and Airbyte too

Let’s face it, we all run multiple containers in our pods. For various reasons. Some are completely justified, like having a service do some preliminary work (init containers) before your actual service is up and running, or perhaps a cleanup task after your service exist. Perhaps even adding neat features like encryption to services that don’t have it using things such as Linkerd. No matter what the scenario is, these side jobs are called sidecars and so far Kubernetes has treated them as the second class citizens.

[3] Here be dragons...

Dungeons & Dragons. This post is not about the game. Though, it will inevitably touch upon the game that went through many ups and downs in its 50 years of existence. The journey went from a small basement in Lake Geneva, Winsconsin to every billboard in big and small cities in the world. It went from being something only the nerds play, to being something only the nerds play, only in very large numbers.

[2] Yubikey this, Yubikey that

You may have seen it used by your colleagues. You may have seen it used by your friends working for big companies with tight security. Neat little black USB devices with a small “y” in a golden circle (or an inverted Half Life looking lambda) attached to their laptops, sometimes hanging on a keychain. But what is it? Before we move onto what this little device is used for let’s talk about two-factor authentication and why you should have it on all your online accounts.

[1] I spy with my little eye...

We get tracked, profiled and observed at every step we make online. Well, not only online, but I will focus in this post on our online lives. Whether we are aware of that or not is irrelevant, it is still happening. It is so widespread that I know a lot of people who have simply given up, and they live with the awareness that every app, every site and every device they have at home is collecting unknown amount of data and sending it to unknown places.

[0] Setting up Arch Linux on Hetzner Cloud

I have been self-hosting things for the last 20 or so years. Be that small things such as this blog or a whole mail server system. I have to say that I have learned most of what I know about computers through self-hosting. It was a long and tedious process at moments but to this day I think it was worth it. Nowadays, I don’t do as much self-hosting as I’d like to.